Chris Bandel - DFNC


Chris has been involved in netball for as long as he can remember. He has coached multiple teams to success and umpired from juniors through to national levels. His passion has never faded, and he is excited by continuing his netball journey with the Daylesford Bulldogs.

Netball Achievements

April to Sept – MCDFNL Senior Umpire for Trentham
May – Umpired at the senior indoor nationals (Men’s, Mixed and Ladies) over 25 games
June to Dec – Coached under 17’s at Bacchus March Association to a premiership
Sept – Umpire for MCDFNL finals
Nov – Umpired at the junior indoor nationals (Mixed and Ladies) over 30 games

Feb to June – Coached under 17’s at Bacchus Marsh Association to a Back-to-Back premiership
April to Sept – Coached Trentham under 17’s, to a perfect season – unbeaten and a premiership
April to Sept – MCDFNL Senior Umpire for Trentham
July – Umpired at Senior Indoor Nationals (Men’s, Mixed and Ladies), over 25 games in total
Sept – Umpire for MCDFNL finals

April – Senior Coach A Grade for Darley in the BFNL
April – BFNL Senior Umpire for Darley
April – August Coached the MCDFNL under 17’s Interleague team to one Runners-Up and one
Tournament Premiership
July – Coached a BFNL under 18’s interleague team in the Gold Coast Tournament and made the
Preliminary Final, playing against teams from all over Australia and New Zealand
Sept – Umpired finals for RDFNL and BFNL finals (Junior and Senior)

Umpired over 1000 Domestic games since 2015
Played in over 20 Domestic Premierships