Club 200

Join our DFNC Club200 membership program to support our great club today and have the chance to win 2 weekly cash prizes of $700 and $300 every week of the year!!

What is DFNC Club200?
DFNC Club200 gives you the chance to win cash every week of the year! The Club will run a weekly cash draw for 52 weeks. There will be 2 cash prizes drawn every week. First cash prize – $700 and second cash prize – $300.

Who can enter?
Club200 costs $20 per week for 52 weeks. This can be paid via Direct Debit or upfront in full to the Club via bank transfer (this is a simpler option for syndicates). Direct Debit will be set up as part of the registration process. For upfront payments, bank transfer details will also be available on the registration form.

How many tickets will be sold?
The exclusive Club 200 draw will be capped at a maximum of 100 tickets, meaning a 1 in 100 chance of winning each week (2 chances each week). Each entrant is in the running every week, meaning you can potentially win every week!

How do I get involved?
Fill out the form below and click the register button.We will then be in touch with you to discuss further and if you are keen to sign up, we will organise payment. Spaces are limited so register fast!

Club 200 membership enquiry


Minimum entry is a full 12 months – Payment via direct debit ($20 per week for 52 weeks) or up front in full ($1040) OR pro-rated once the draws commence. The first draw will be Thursday 6th October 2022

Maximum 200 entries

First draw will commence once 60 contestants have entered.

Numbers drawn via barrel at the Club every Thursday night and will be streamed on live on our Facebook page.

Winners will be paid by direct bank transfer (winners must provide bank details) within 48 hours.

If you miss two consecutive direct debit payments – you’re out, and a member of the waiting list will take your place.

Winners will be contacted by email or phone if not in attendance at the draw. Winners will also be published on the Club’s official website and social media after each draw.